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  • Electrical Distribution Panels. Such as PCC, PDB, ACDB, DCDB, LDBs,    Bus Duct, Feeder pillar ...
  • Electrical Motor control Panels both draw out and fixed type. Such as    MCC, PMCC ...
  • Electrical Control Panels. Such as Furnace control, Chiller control,    Damper control ...
  • Specialized Panels. Such as AMF panels, Change over Panels, APFC    panels ...
  • DG & Grid Synchronizing Panels, Relay control panels...


Installation, commissioning and serving for all type of electrical site work.

We are government approved electrical contractor focused on a wide range of activities which are related to the electrical field, PLC and panel engineering. We offer electrical turnkey solutions as well.

Our turnkey solutions are suitable for projects with supply and installation management. We are committed to comply with the requirement of ISO, CPRI, ERDA and focused on improving the effectiveness of the quality of our products as turnkey solutions.


DHAVAL Group has specialized CNC work and machine tools to create products. We offer these services at affordable prices. Our CNC network and fabrication services are unmatched in terms of quality and performance. We use technologically advance machines. These machines help us to customize the products as per the specifications given by our clients.

We always offer high quality CNC machine work that is widely used to manufacture custom jobs by cutting them in transverse and longitudinal way. CNC works can be programmed on computers and these are available in CNC machining, CNC milling and CNC turning.

With the help of our employees and machines, we have been able to produce the impeccable products. Further we have a proficient team, which is upgraded on regular basis and trained to enhance their skills so that we can offer the best quality products. These products can boost the business of our clients and help them to fulfill their organizational goals. We also enable metal integrity through fine welding technology.

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